We create female entrepreneurs

With a startup mindset, ambition, and all the necessary startup skills
to take a business off the ground without initial funding and technical knowledge
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What you need to know

Before you decide to actively support us in creating a revolutionary game that builds resilient entrepreneurs
Why we need your support
Fe/male Switch was born in the middle of the pandemic despite all odds: without any funding and without any code. We saw the need and we knew we could help: so after 4 months of hard work, we built the first version of the game, created a small community around it, ran the first pilot with 15 users, and now we need two things: to create awareness so that we can help more women and financial support so that we can continue building and running the game.
How your donations help
Imagine a platform where our users learn how to become successful via a game. By perfecting their soft, hard, business, and digital skills, they can do everything that is needed to earn a living and build a business. We will invite 30 ladies for the second pilot in February 2022. In the meantime we are upgrading the game, creating more quests, and a million other things. And you can help to make this happen by donating.
Why we are the right people
We are a deep-tech startup, called SGI. Besides Fe/male Switch, we are creating solutions at the intersection of Intellectual Property and data security (e.g. CADChain). We have a female CEO and we enjoy startup life with all of its ups and downs. Moreover, we have an entrepreneurial approach to life and we are eager to share our knowledge with those who are only starting the journey. We are resilient & creative. We love to overcome challenges and celebrate victories.
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